I genuinely believe that we can actively participate in making our planet a better place for us and coming generations by supporting one another along the thrilling road of enhancing interpersonal abilities and business productivity. I can’t think of any other greater method to contribute than sharing our knowledge since sharing is what makes humans unique.


In love with the law and public service since I was little, I went to law school and became passionate about understanding people’s needs and finding solutions under a regulatory framework.


I embarked on one of the most challenging experiences of my life by leaving my hometown to pursue my professional career at a large oil & gas company. It allowed me to comprehend business strategies, organizational dynamics, and human connections in the workplace


I decided to take my life to the next level by moving overseas to experience the thrilling sensation of immersing myself in a foreign culture and language. It enabled me to quickly adjust to changing environments and improve my communication abilities in a multicultural society.


Challenged my professional career by broadening my knowledge in areas such as applied marketing, international management, sustainable business practices, and applied management.

Precisely, what I hope to accomplish here is to contribute to your particular process; nevertheless, it is not about discussing what should be done or what is correct; rather, it is about connecting with one another by sharing what we know in the process of discovering alternatives together.
So, let’s catch up and talk about…